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1.7.466 Released

Today we released version 1.7.466. This includes a set of security and functionality updates from previous versions and customers are recommended to upgrade.

Key in this release is the persistence of oAuth security token information, meaning that access won't time out while you are using the product for admin purposes.

Since the release of 1.7, we've made the following updates:

  • Resolved an issue where the security tokens expired too soon.

  • Fixed an obscure set of issues when editing a mass edited table.

  • Cleared up an issue with checkboxes unable to show null values.

  • Fixed issue where tasks were not showing description, and associated instance details.

  • Changed data activities to return arrays, removing the need to parse them directly in JavaScript.

  • Fixed an issue with OData filters for object list and object history list.

  • Improved task performance significantly.

  • Resolved an issue loading some plugins.

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