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1.7.477 Released

We have just released version 1.7.477 based on customer feedback. This edition contains a fix for OData filters when working with null fields and a breaking change when working with lists of data. As with all updates, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version. However we strongly recommend you read the notes below.

In World of Workflows, you can create workflows that manipulate data, by retrieving and updating data in the database. A common practice is to retrieve a filtered list of items and then count them.

Previously, data was returned as a list and you would use the "count" function to find the number of items in a list.

Now, we return data as an array and you need to use the "length" function to find the number of items in a list.


The reason for this change was based on customer feedback. Returning arrays has a number of benefits further down the workflow pipeline. Other activities expect an array as input and the workflow author would be required to do more work if using the activity.

How do I see if I am affected?

To find areas where this may be the case, go to Admin --> Documentation and when loaded CTRL-F and search for .count. Note the items this appears in and change them to .length in the workflow editor.

Updated files are available here

Documentation for World of Workflows is here

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