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New Preview Build Available

The development team at World of Workflows have been very busy since our last major release last year. They've been listening to customers and adding features ad fixing bugs. We're not quite ready to call today's release production ready, but if you'd like to give it a run, you can.

Here are some of the updates:

  • Fixed - small issue filtering columns in the data editor

  • Fixed - solution export not handles circular data references

  • Fixed - views sorting issue

  • Enhanced - new dashboard with lots of new statistics

  • Fixed - significant updates to plugin architecture making it more robust in more scenarios

  • New - activities to remove instances and history

  • Enhanced - new Documentor features and layout

  • New - builds with an integrated solution will install the solution on first boot.

  • Enhanced - new sticky navigation bar

  • Fixed - Delete Object Instance Activity now more robust

  • Enhanced - greater upload limit for plugins

  • New - SQL Plugin

  • New - RPA Plugin based on Playwright

  • Enhanced - you can now copy the description from a task

Upgraded - now runs on the latest version of dotnet 8

In addition, our plugin library has been upgraded.

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