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Update from the World of Workflows development team

Since releasing 1.7 last year, the development team have been hard at work on a few small feature updates, but a real drive on quality. 1.7 was version 1.7.440 and we're currently working on 1.7.545, over 100 new builds since we shipped!

We've decided to continue the 1.7 version with additional updates which can be obtained from the releases section of the Workflows University for licensed customers. 1.8 will come later in the year, and 2.0 is in early stages of development.

Some updates in current versions of 1.7

  • Updated Backup Options in Settings Page

  • Enhancements to Solutions Export and Import

  • Updates to the Workflows Fault Monitor

  • Added ability to rename the title column in solutions

  • Several Elsa upgrades

  • Added the ability to add data to Solutions when exporting

  • Improved Import robustness

In addition to this, we're working hard to make Business Edition available in the Azure Marketplace for one click installation, configuration and purchasing.

Finally, World of Workflows has proven to be an amazing application development platform and to this end, we're starting work on some vertically focused niche applications. Initially available on the Azure Marketplace, these will use World of Workflows in the back end, but be entire stand alone cloud applications (but with awesome security and a sophisticated API).

Our Co Founder and CEO, Nick Beaugeard had fun speaking at the Institute of Internal Auditors SOPAC conference at the ICC this week. He spoke on AI and Automation, heralding a year of adding generative AI to your business processes.

We're excited about the next month or two so watch this space. If you'd like to find out more, we'll be at the IT News Benchmark awards and conference this Wednesday.

Oh and finally, we've just completed validation of our new Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate, so look out for a new version of Personal Edition next week.

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