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Version 1.6 Released!

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Introducing World of Workflows Version 1.6: Where Automation Meets Innovation

Hello to our dedicated World of Workflows community!

We're thrilled to announce the release of World of Workflows Version 1.6. In line with our commitment to constantly elevate our platform, this new version brings a plethora of innovative features and integrations to make your workflow processes more streamlined, efficient, and tailored to your specific needs.

What's New in 1.6?

  1. Plug Into the Future: We've incorporated plugins for some of the most widely used software in the business world today: Microsoft Office 365, Autotask, and none other than OpenAI's ChatGPT! You can now effortlessly integrate these platforms into your workflows, creating a seamless experience for your projects.

  2. Unlock the Power of Solutions: Have a workflow you're particularly proud of? Want to share it or implement a workflow someone else created? Our new Solutions feature allows users to easily import and export entire workflows. Sharing best practices and innovative processes has never been this simple!

  3. Utilities Galore: Our 1.6 update includes a set of utilities that enhance the efficiency of the platform, making it more user-friendly and adaptable to your specific requirements.

Diving Deep: What Makes World of Workflows Unique?

  • Workflow Editor: Craft, customize, and connect your workflow activities with an intuitive interface that offers pre-built activities and advanced customisation options.

  • Dynamic Database: With high performance at its core, our database offers customisable tables, columns, relationships, and so much more. Accessing, sorting, and editing your data is now a breeze.

  • Task System: Where automation meets manual tasks, our system seamlessly integrates both. With features such as Task Queues, detailed Task Details via Markdown, and custom outcomes that branch the workflow, you're always in control.

  • Security First: With the Business Edition, ensure data protection and controlled access with comprehensive security and permission settings.

  • OData Access & Credential Manager: Simplify your reporting process and securely connect to third-party APIs.

Two Editions to Choose From:

Whether you're an individual looking for a personal tool (Personal Edition) or a business seeking an enterprise-grade solution (Business Edition), World of Workflows has you covered.

In Conclusion

World of Workflows Version 1.6 is not just an update – it's a revolution in how you manage, create, and customise your business processes. We're constantly inspired by our user community and the innovative ways in which you use our platform. This version is a testament to that inspiration.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Dive into Version 1.6 today and unlock a world of endless workflow possibilities.

Happy Automating! We are always here for you.

The World of Workflows Team

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