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We've updated Workflows University - Automation Guidance

The World of Workflows University is the up to date repository of information and instructions on using World of Workflows. Hosted with GitHub and Open Source, it allows everyone in the World of Workflows community to suggest updates and changes.

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The original version of the University used a simple template on GitHub Pages. Whilst this was nice and simple, it missed a number of features we felt the community needed to best make use of all the information.

This new version has the following features:

  • Search - The Workflows university is fully searchable finally!

  • Navigation - The new navigation bar on the left allows easy access and discovery of topics.

  • Code Syntax Highlighting - Everywhere we have some HTML or JavaScript, it is now coloured based on syntax to make it more readable.

  • Code Download - Easily copy code blocks for use in your solutions

We've done this by leveraging a new template Just the Docs which gives us this and a number of additional features which help us with our documentation authoring workflow.

So, give the University a try here and let us know what you think by raising issues here.

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